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Saturday 8-5-2017 Richland County Ohio USA







by Mark E. Schrull

8/5/17  The Richlands – It has been a while since I last posted.  I apologize to all my blog followers who are chomping-at-the-bit waiting with baited breath for my next post.  Laughing out loud – allow me to catch you up.  I did get the garden in this year, but it is half the size as last year.  Oh well.  Keeping the lights on is a priority.  The summer is flying by.  There has been more rain this year then the previous four years Rhonda and I have lived in The Richlands.  At least that is what it has seemed like.  We made it to Kelly’s Island this year, one of our favorite places.  Our grandson, James Harris came down and stayed with us for a while.  Ricardo Pagan and his family had a huge house warming bash at their new home on 545.  (Ghost not sighted.) I worked the monster truck event at the Mansfield Motor Speedway and joined my grandsons who really enjoyed the event.  Carter, 3 & 1/2 years old especially.  We bought a car! I bought a new rider mower.  It has a half inch bigger mower deck then my son Ricky’s new mower has.  Oh, and it has one quarter more horse power then his does.  Laughing out loud.  The farmer planted corn all around us this year, it is now 12 foot tall.  My double rainbow pic was displayed on Cleveland news with a nice endorsement of my blog from the meteorologist.  Darby, who followers will remember was the cat who was great friends with Brutis, figured a way above the bathroom shower, coming in through the rafters in the garage. She had 4 kittens up there, then disappeared, never to be seen again.  Sitting on the throne, early in the morning, I could swear I heard kitties meowing.  Rhonda didn’t hear them.  I thought I was going nuts.  But then I decided after 2 days to take out the light above the shower and look into the area with a flash light.  Four kitties looked down upon me.  “Get me out of here were all their expressions.”  So we have saved them.  I bottle fed then for a week or two and slowly introduced them to dry cat food.  Now I need to find them forever families. I think that’s enough for now, I don’t want overwhelm you.  I will be working on blog house keeping for the next few days so please stop by and see my progress.  I will be adding pics, continuing stories, and updating areas.  Here are some pics from the summer so far.  Be well and thanks for visiting!


Rainbow and Tomato 8-10-2015 Richland County, Ohio, USA

Rainbow 3crRainbow 4crRainbow 2crRainbow 5crTomato 1crBrutis speaks 2cr