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Full Moon Setting in Fog 8-7-2017 Richland County Ohio USA

by Mark E. Schrull

8/7/17 The Richlands – And the moon gave way to the day, and the mist gave way to the sun.


Full Moon 12-25-2015 Richland County Ohio USA

12/24 & 12/25 The Richlands – There is and was a full moon on Christmas Eve and Christmas Night here on the farm.
Christmas Eve 2015:
Full Moon 12-24-15 1cr Full Moon 12-24-15 2cr
Christmas Night 2015:
Full Moon 12-25-15 5cr Full Moon 12-25-15 1cr Full Moon 12-25-15 3cr Full Moon 12-25-15 2cr
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!