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Dedicated to those affected by Alzheimer’s Disease.

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Mother’s Day Was Yesterday – Richland County Ohio USA

5/7/2016 The Richlands – Mother’s day was yesterday, celebrated by thousands, millions, across the country.  And deservedly so.  For if it weren’t for mothers, none of us would be here.  A friend of mine, Margaret,  reminded me of a poem I wrote years ago published on Yahoo’s Voices.  She requested I re-post it because Yahoo Voices is long gone and can’t be found on the web.  I loved my Mom. I miss her so much. I hope she is proud of me.

Memories of Mom

Lucky, Smart, Pretty, Kind,
Gentle, nice, caring, refined,
Advocate, coach, teacher, girl;
Woman, actor, sitter, pearl,

Mother, fireman, farmer, friend;
Camper, cook, singer, Godsend,
Holder, keeper, raiser of men,
Dancer, laughter, whistler, wren,

Woman, neighbor, nurse, angler,
Calmer, mender, sewer, anchor,
Carpenter, plumber, welder, aide,
Gardner, cleaner, washer, maid,

Helper, adviser, chef, servant,
Attractive, supporter, artist, Aunt,
Grandmother, sister, cousin, wife,
Flexible, child, lover of life,

All these things she meant to me,
Raising I and brothers three,
Mom, I miss you so so much,
But most of all I miss your touch.