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Pack of Coyote 1-6-2017 Richland County Ohio USA

1/6/17 The Richlands – I spotted a pack of coyote this morning.  (That’s right, “A pack.”)  It was around 10 in the morning and I was sitting at the kitchen table when I spotted the first one enter the farm field from a tree row.  He kept looking back and I grabbed my camera.  I stepped outside and began taking pictures.


The first coyote kept looking back to the tree row from where he had come before he spotted me.
a1-cycr2a1-cycr5 a1-cycr4 a1-cycr6 a-cyote-19cr a1-cycr3Then 3 more appeared.  They made their way across the field, sometimes running and sometimes trotting.  Then they ran full speed toward the a forest tree line on the east end of the property.
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We have seen coyote on the farm before.  Last winter around this time of year in this kind of weather I wrote this post. 1-14-2016 Coyote Spotted Richland County Ohio USA.  But last year I saw only one.

They truly are beautiful animals.  However, being a concerned Grandfather, last year when I saw the animal, I learned what I could from the internet about coyote. I checked The Ohio Department of Natural Resources web page, and did basic searches with the key words “Ohio Coyote”.  – I found some people do indeed fear them.  Also I learned many rangers and outdoors men don’t believe Ohio coyote run and hunt in packs.  “They do not hunt like wolves.”  However, there are some folks who believe Ohio coyote cross-mated long ago with wolves from UP Michigan which eventually migrated across frozen great lakes to Ohio.  I’m not an expert, but I considered what I saw this morning to be a pack on the hunt.


Bigfoot Sighting 1-2-2017 Richland County Ohio USA

1/2/17 The Richlands – Big foot (Yeti, Abominable snowman) was spotted in the fog early Tuesday morning.  A local farmer captured these images.





Here he is going back the other way!big-foot-2cr