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Just a Blog House Keeping Post


Moved around the main menu today.

  1. ) Moved all Brutis items to Brutis section of the main menu bar.
  2. ) Converted appearance to the 2 column lay out.
  3. ) Work on adding new content underway.
  4. ) Moved Water Industry and Plumbing section under Miscellaneous  section of the main menu bar.

Until We Meet Again – RIP My Sweet Doggy

September 28th, 2015 – Our beloved dog Brutis was laid to rest this past Friday.  He fought the good fight right up to the end.  The Veterinarian did all he could, but I think maybe God had a little boy in heaven who needed a kind and gentle doggy.  That is a feeling I have.  The feeling is the thread wrapped around my heart.  It keeps the two halves of my broken heart from coming apart until time stitches it back together.

I haven’t been able to write here for a while because Brutis is everywhere.  I will be moving The Chronicles of Brutis off the main page and leaving them in the archives.  Brutis has written his last piece.  He inspired me so.

Until we meet again my sweet, sweet, doggy.  I love you.  We loved you!

Brutis running 1cr Start Brutis brutis sig 2 Brutis mean 1cr Brutis face Brutis and cat 2cr Brutis Chapter 8 1cr Brutis hat 1cr Brutis Nose n Glasses Acr Brutis in spoon 1cr Brutis Reading CR Brutis Kills A Spider

From surveillance footage

From surveillance footage

Brutis watching turkey 1cr Brutis Chapter 7-1-15 1cr