Saturday 5-27-2017 Richland County Ohio USA Kittens

by Mark E. Schrull

5/27/17 – The Richlands – It has been a rainy spring here.  Every time I think I am going to get something done on the farm, whether it be gardening, mowing, or planting, it rains.  I’ve managed to get the flower garden in.  The sun is out now and  I am thinking it maybe possible to get the vegetable garden planted.  In the mean time, if you haven’t heard, Kitty Meow-meow had a litter of 4 kittens.  They were born in a nice cat home filled with straw, just as winter was ending here.  After a few weeks, mamma, Kitty Meow-meow, much to my dismay, moved them into my garage while the garage door was open.  Rhonda and I had many discussions about this, let me tell you.  A man’s garage is his castle.  As Brutis put it in the Brutis Chronicles, “We don’t want no stinking cats, we don’t want no stinking cats.”  But they are cute.  And what kind of mean ogre would my wife think me if I evicted them at such a young age.   But today was a celebration of some sorts.  The little kitties followed their mommy out of the garage for the first time and ate out of the cat bowl.  I took these pictures through the screen door so I didn’t disturb the happy gathering.  Now that they are eating solid food, ANYONE WANT A KITTY?


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