Blue Birds – Blue Jay – Coyote – Sunrise

4/20/2016 The Richlands – We have blue birds nesting in a box I put up in March of this year.  A male and female have taken up residence and are defending their new home from rival birds.  Also, a coyote was spotted running through the farm fields yesterday.  The sunrise this morning was grand and today is the last of a string of sunny days as rain is expected to move into Richland county, Ohio tomorrow and Friday.
Blue Bird on box 1crBlue Bird and Blue Jay 1cr

Blue Bird guards 1crBlue Birb and Blue Jay 2crBlue Bird in box 1crBlue Bird on box 2crBlue Jay 1crBlue Jay and Bluew Bird 1crCoyote 2crCoyote 1crSunrise 4-20-16 2crSunrise 4-20-16 1cr


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