Spirit Orbs Exposed Near Mansfield Haunted Prison

by Mark E. Schrull –
4/7/2016 The Richlands – I like to get outside on bright mornings and photograph the dawn.  Sometimes – if I am lucky, I will capture night-time spirits hiding in the last of the darkness.  A  shadowy world between night and day.  A world never meant to be seen by mortal eyes.   A world which can only be seen for a second – just before the sun slams the door on darkness.

This week I was luckier then most.

A Orb lead 2crA Orb lead 3crA Orb lead 1crA Orb 545 3crA Orb 545 2cr

Don’t believe in spirit orbs?  Check out my article on our self guided tour of
The Haunted Prison.  It is documentary style and just might make you change your mind.  The Ghost of 545 is the tantalizing tale surrounding the history of the haunted reformatory.  You can read the first chapter here…

The Ghost of 545
A Mansfield prison ghost story


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