3-10-2016 Scare Crows – Bird Houses – Deer

3/10/16 The Richlands – Yesterday was such a beautiful day outside I decided to get a jump on some spring time work.  The first summer Rhonda and I lived on this farm, we had a little sweet corn patch that did really well.  But last summer not so good.  Animals, (I think raccoon), had at our corn patch and ate every last ear.  The difference between the first year and last was a scare crow.  I had brought one with us from Lorain when we moved down.  We had used it for Halloween decoration when we lived in the city.  It was a store-bought one.  But the weather took its toll on the poor fellow so after it had done its job that summer, I threw it out.  So yesterday I made a really scary one!
Scary Trump 2
Just kidding!  I couldn’t resist.  This is the one I really made.  Meet Olga.
Scare Crow Olga 1cr
Also yesterday I built two blue bird houses and placed them out and about.  One is close enough to observe from the front porch this summer and the other I put way down near the driveway close to the creek.
Blue Bird House 3cr Blue Bird House 1cr Blue Bird House 2cr
Lastly, I cleaned out both existing bird houses, (one is just a plain bird house and the other is a small wren house.)  which were already up.  Last year I had painted them yellow.  The birds didn’t like that at all.  Both had residence the first year when they were wood tone, last year nothing.  This year I painted them brown so hopefully the birds will approve.
Brown house 2cr Brown House 1cr Wren house

The deer were out and about this week.  I took these pictures from over 100 yards away.
Deer 3cr Deer 1cr Deer 2cr


2 responses to “3-10-2016 Scare Crows – Bird Houses – Deer

  1. that first scarecrow really is scary 🙂


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