1-14-2016 Coyote Spotted Richland County Ohio USA

by Mark E. Schrull –

1/14/16 The Richlands – During the heavy snow storm on Tuesday, at approximately 1:30 PM – my wife spotted a coyote traversing the harvested bean field about 25 yards south of our farm home.  I grabbed the camera and took the following pictures.
Coyote 3crCoyote 2cr Coyote 4cr cyote 1cr Coyote 5crThis is the second time I have seen a coyote near our house.  In early spring last year (2015) I was forced to run one off which was approaching our home, snooping about without fear.  He had ventured as close as 20 feet or so from our driveway and appeared very curious.

According to the ODNR – Division of Wildlife webpage, there is nothing to fear from these predators.   However, I know if a wild animal loses its fear of humans it is never a good thing.  I fear one of these hungry animals may attack my toddler grandson if it gets the opportunity therefore we are very careful when he is playing outside.

According to an article published September 24th, 2015 on the Richland Source webpage  – Some people believe these predators may be evolving into pack animals.  According to the article, Naturalist Logan Masters held a informational talk in Crestline, Ohio.

Also, according to several news organizations a man was attacked in 2013 by a pack of coyotes while working on a golf course in Mansfield, Ohio.
Fox8 News Story              WEWS Newsnet5             Richland Source 

According to other news agencies, in other Ohio counties small pets were coming up missing and coyote are suspect.   Ohio News Network

We have heard many coyote chattering and laughing in the hills around our property.  To tell you the truth, they sounded like hyenas I have heard before at the zoo.  I have been told they try to lure out pet dogs this way.

Should you suspect you have a coyote problem in your back yard,  The ODNR – Division of Wildlife web page referenced above maintains a list of licensed trappers and hunters which can be used to address the problem.

This was the sun trying to peek under the cloud deck this morning in Weller Township near sunrise.  1/14/2016

Sunrise 1-14-16 1cr






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