His Majesty – Sir White Tail Buck 1-5-2016

1/5/16 The Richlands – Yesterday, Rhonda and I returned to The Richlands just as dusk was darkening the land.  Light was barely hanging on and as we pulled into the driveway, there he was.  A prestigious buck, slowly working his way along an old fence row.  He spotted us nearly the same time we spotted him.  Both of us froze.  He stood there like a statue,  perhaps thinking if he didn’t move we wouldn’t see him.   I stopped the car and reached into the back seat for my camera.

But this mature male is experienced and before I could even remove the lens cover he was bolting through a harvested bean field toward the barn.  I pointed and shot.  My camera strained against the dying light, trying to focus.  The picture was blurred and his majesty was flying, but here is the shot as it came out.  It is a blurred shot of  Sir White Tail Buck.

Blurred Buck



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