The Richlands – The Year in Pictures

1/1/2016 The Richlands – Happy New Year!  2016 Wow!   I once thought that was a million years away.  Now, here is it, right in my face.  It’s like Mondays – Where the heck did that come from?  But seriously, Rhonda and I continue to be blessed and thank God.  Here are 15 pictures I picked from 2015.  Picked  not because of the photographic quality, but because in my mind, they sort of, kind of, represent a touch of life this past year in The Richlands. Year in Pictures 1crRhonda and Brutis 1crWhitetail Buck 1crOur Driveway Valentines Day 2015Buggy C1crHose 1crHumming Bird 1crButterfly 1crRainbow 2crA Butterfly 7crpumpkin 1crKitten 1crNap Time 1cr


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