The Lady of the Lake

The Lady of the Lake
by Mark E. Schrull

The Lady of the Lake breaks her icy plates along the shore;
And currents flow against winds’ grainy screech.
While gulls eat fish and cry for more;
The Lady holds open waters far beyond our reach.

Along the lake banks lovers meet;
Wind in hair, she hides herself amongst the clouds.
The waves on shore make steady beats;
She is a silent witness to their vows.

What secrets wait out in clear waters fair?
Across the icy plains so cold and beckoning.
Strands of icy tear drops crystals rare;
Keep a melting pace with spring storms reckoning.

Along the water dreams come of her;
Sanding there, wind blowing back her hair.
And softly my Lady of the Lake concurs;
You hold all her dreams and all her cares.

Through her, secrets are revealed to me;
Collected from minds and kisses yet unknown.
From clouds and lakes and seas;
I learned secrets that she’s shown.

And to her my opened mind;
Could not hide my selfish want of love and soul.
Just as lovers could not hide in sand and wine;
Their tender caresses of time they stole.

She surely loves you the Lady whispers;
As clearly as my cousin sun sets on calm waters made.
She stood upon my banks in slippers;
And thoughts of life with you in her mind stayed.

Listen to Mark reading The Lady of the Lake paired with photographs he’s taken on youtube here:

Copyright 2005 – 2015
Mark E. Schrull
All rights reserved.


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