A Christmas Tree for Carter

12/8/2015 The Richlands – Little Carter wanted the finest Christmas tree in all the land.  If he could only find Santa,  Santa would help him pick.  He boarded the  Christmas train which runs between the Richlands and Christmas forest.

Christmas 4cr

The train delivered Carter and his family to Christmas forest station on the edge of a bustling Christmas town.  His brothers and parents gasped in amazement at the start of the forest.   They started inspecting trees.

Christmas 25

But Carter knew,  if they were to have the perfect tree, they would have to find where Santa would be.

Christmas 15cr

Surely the animals would be so aware.  Maybe the Christmas house way over there.
Christmas 16crHe asked the turkey.
He asked the hare.
He asked the mule,
and he asked the Mare.

No one would say if Santa was there.

He asked the pigs.
He asked the cows.
Even the reindeer
for crying out load.


So off to the Christmas house Carter went.  He and his family hopped a ride on the back of a hay wagon.

Christmas 9cr Christmas 10cr Christmas 10 Christmas 8cr

Inside the house,
it was wonderfully fine.
But the man named Santa,
We did not find.

A Christmas House 1cr

But Santa found Carter,
Later that day,
He’d been in the barn,
Tossing some hay.
Christmas 33 (3) Christmas 33 (2) Christmas 33 (1) Christmas 32 Christmas 33

The End.

Copyright 2015
Mark E. Schrull
All rights reserved.


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