Last Week In Pictures 11-16-2015 Richland County Ohio USA

11/16/2015 The Richlands – I am so glad this winter has NOT been like last winter – so far.  By this time last year winter had started and didn’t end til April.  It was our first full winter in Northern Mansfield and wham – here’s the coldest winter on record for these parts in your face!  I don’t want to jinx us or anything but so far so good.  I like this.  Here’s some pictures on the farm including Veteran’s Day.

All kittens were adopted this week.

Kitten 1cr

The blue jays like to eat the apple on the trees which haven’t fallen yet.  I’ve been trying to get a picture of them feeding.  It is beautiful, their bright blue wings against the red of the apples.  But they post a look out who sounds the alarm if I even step out in the yard.

Apple tree 2cr

Yesterday, the sunrise showed a movie in the theater that is our yard.   I became a sun worshiper on the morning stage.

Shadow 1cr

The sunrise yesterday.

Sunrise 11-15-2015 1cr

The sunrise this morning.

Sunrise 11-16-2015 2cr

Stars and Stripes a blowing.

Flag 1cr

Some more photos.

Kitten 3cr Kitten 2cr Apple tree 1cr Sunrise 11-16-2015 1cr Shadow 3cr Shadow 2crShadow 4cr



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