Life In The Richlands 10-9-2015

October 9th, 2015 – Today is a gloomy Friday.  We had a thunder storm here last night and morning brought with it a total overcast.  The last couple days  were sunny and nice, with a little excitement thrown in.

Darby, the barn cat, who showed up last year at our back door,  in the dead of the coldest winter ever on record for these parts, got herself pregnant this fall.  She was huge.  Then one day she was gone and showed back up thin so we knew she had her babies.  On this land she could have had them anywhere. b kitty 1crThe barn, the woods, the hedge rows and wild growth which divides the bean fields from the corn fields; all make excellent places for a Mother to hide her kitties.

She must have hid them well.  We looked around the house and grounds but found nothing.  There are predators about that would kill her babies in a heart beat.  I have seen a coyote less than 25 yards from my house.  Not to mention owls, hawks, crows, all of which would take newborns home to feed their young.  I have even seen a fox.  I have been told there may be bobcat.  Don’t forget snakes.  This is country.

Well at the beginning of this week in early evening, Rhonda and I are having coffee at the kitchen table.  I hear a faint meow.  b kitty cr2I get up and look outside and there is a little kitty curled up in the corner of the patio.  I’m not a cat guy but if I had to guess it’s about 1 to 2 weeks old.  Its eyes are open but it isn’t crawling yet.  Not well anyway.  All alone.

I pick the kitty up all the while it is meowing like crazy and I bring her in the house to let Rhonda have a look.  b kitty cr4Rhonda warms the shivering kitty up with a dish cloth in the palms of her hands and it begins to settle down and begins closing its eyes.  “Where did you find it?”  Rhonda asks and I point out the window to the spot and there is Darby with 3 more kitties nursing.

I could believe it and Rhonda could tell by my expression I couldn’t believe it. b kitty cr 3How the heck she got them over there so fast from where ever she had them hid was beyond me.  Well, I got a card board box out of the garage, tipped it on its side and put the dish cloth Rhonda used inside the box.  Then we put the baby we were holding next to Darby and she immediately moved all kittens and herself into the box.

Yesterday, sitting at the same table, I see a deer jumping through the bean field speedily.  b deer 1crI jump up and grab my camera, open the front door and start focusing on the bean field in the direction the deer was heading.

He must have heard me.  I was thinking he crouched down in the beans.  They hide there sometimes.  b deer 4crI start making noises trying to get it to jump up and start running again so I can get a great photograph.  But it isn’t moving.  I start yelling “You Who! Come out little deer so I can get a picture in National Geographic Magazine.”  But it remained hid.

Suddenly,  Rhonda opens the porch door and says I thought you would take pictures of them and points.  b deer 2crI look that way and a whole herd of deer are running at top speed away from me.  They had been eating apples under the tree until I started making all that noise.  I hadn’t seen them and I missed the great shots.  This was the second time this week I stood there with my mouth open in disbelief.  I did get these shots as they ran off.
b deer 3cr





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