Deer 9-3-2015 Richland County Ohio USA

9/3/15 – It was a steamy morning.  Rhonda opened the front door slowly and whispered, “There is a deer in the front yard.”

“Really?”  I jumped up front my kitchen table slumber and tip towed next to her.  The doe was there, a majestic creature – nibbling on apples which had fallen from our tree. We watched and she noticed us; but she wasn’t alarmed. Not much anyway.  She trotted over to the end of the kept grass and suddenly, her child, a fawn we had not noticed, came running from the field.  The fawn almost tackled her mother but then went straight to suckling.

I ran upstairs for my camera.  I tried shots from the upstairs window but there is a screen.  The camera wouldn’t focus.  By the time I made it downstairs with the camera they had moved next to the corn field.  They paused in the area of the bench the grand kids and I made last summer.  Here are the photos I was able to get.

9-3-15 deer 4cr 9-3-15 deer 1cr 9-3-15 deer 2cr 9-3-15 deer 3crOn the eve of our anniversary, a vision of splendor.  I love it here.  We love it here.  Happy anniversary, Rhonda.


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