Nashville with Cell Phone Camera

8/23/2015 – The Richlands – We are fresh back from a road trip.  Rhonda and I rented a car and drove south to Alabama.  There we celebrated my brother and his wife’s 50th anniversary.  On the way back to The Richlands, we stopped in Nashville where Rhonda’s sister lives.  These are cell phone pictures taken in downtown.

a1 nashville elvis and mea1 rhonda anita and chrisa1 rhonda in front of starsa1 bar sign legends 2a1 bar sign legendsa1 indians (1)a1 indiansa1 me and policea1 rhonda and Ia1 records bara1 rhonda and I 2a1 nashville singer (2) a1 nashville singera1 nashville legends corner a1 nashville legends corner (1)a1 nashvillea1 nashville streeta1 beer 30



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