The Chronicles of Brutis – Chapter X

Brutis running 1crYesterday morning – I was walking in the front yard when I saw Darby, the barn cat, hunting birds from a tree along the side of the house. 

Knowing Mark loves and feeds the wild birds I sprang into action!

I don’t think he saw me so I had him by surprise.  He was perched on a branch in a tree wild birds often use on their way to the feeder.
Darby in tree 3cr In the shade of the tree I slowed my run to a sneak.  using  a technique, oddly enough, I learned from a cat decades ago.  I approached from the west.  Closer and closer I crept til I was nearly under him.  He didn’t see me at first…
darby in tree 1cr

But then, he noticed me…
Darby in tree 2cr

He glared at me with green eyes that  suddenly turned red.
Darby red eyes 1cr

I knew without a doubt he was going to try to blaze me.  His eyes burned with a familiar fire.  The flash caught me off guard, and for an instance everything tuned red.
Darby blazing 1cr But his efforts fell short.  I pushed him with a great inner voice which I called from my heart.  I ducked under his rays and projected the thought into his head that he was melting.Darby melting 1cr

He screamed in agony, but before I released him I made him know hunting birds shall not be allowed.

“Why? Why?” he screeched at me.  “It’s perfectly normal for cats to hunt birds!  You run this farm-yard like a prison camp!”

“The birds don’t think so,” I barked back.  “And remember this, Darby.  Just because I need you to summon a thing or two once in a while, that doesn’t mean you can run around here breaking rules.  There shall be no more bird hunting anywhere in the farm-yard.  You got that?”

“Yes,” he answered.

“Good.  Now beat it before I really do make you melt!”

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Copyright 2015                Click on any image to enlarge.
Mark E. Schrull                        
All rights reserved.


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