Whitetail Deer – Mansfield Ohio 2-28-2015

by Mark E. Schrull

2/28/15 Mansfield Ohio USA – It’s been a brutal winter.  Very cold and lots of snow.  Tonight the weather forecast is calling for more snow with a system heading this way from the south.  2 to 6 inches is the prediction beginning around midnight tonight and lasting for most of the day tomorrow.

I am tired of this winter.  I am so glad we are turning the page on February.  But as tired as I am of it, I think the wild life must be more tired.  This evening at dusk, 4 white-tailed deer made their way out into the farmer’s harvested corn field rooting and digging for food.  Here are a few pictures.  The light was low so the quality is grainy, but I think they are worth the post.

Whitetail Buck 1crWhitetail Winter Feeding 3crWhitetail Winter Feeding 2cr Whitetail Winter Feeding 1cr Whitetail Deer Winter 1cr Whitetail Buck 2cr


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