Ohio SR 545 North of Interstate 30 1-9-2015

by Mark E. Schrull

1/10/2015 Mansfield, Ohio – A bright sunrise this morning in the Richlands, but yesterday was brutal.  Driving was a white-knuckled affair the whole way into town and back,  around 1 pm.   I did see plows but it was so cold and so windy the snow just blew right back across the road after the plows went by and the salt doesn’t work when it gets that cold.  Here are 4 shots of the drive.  I had to drive very slowly.  Took 3 hours to dig out of the driveway.
SR 545 1-9-15 2pm SR 545 1-9-15 2pm B SR 545 1-9-15 2pm C SR 545 1-9-15 2pm D

Today brings a sunny start but it is cold! Outside negative 2 degrees this morning.  Sunrise 1/10/2015 Mansfield, Ohio.

Sunrise 1-10-2015 Acr


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