The Chronicles of Brutis – Chapter II

by Mark E. Schrull

Chapter II

Brutis Glowing BcrIt has been a little while since I’ve spoken to the blog readers.  Life gets so busy, you know?  But the great feasts of Thanksgiving and Christmas are behind us and while the Mr and Mrs clean up and take down the decorations , I’ve found myself with some time to continue my chronicles.  First though, let me bring everyone up to speed on current events.

We have been experiencing some supernatural events in the yard between the house and the barn lately.  My human friends have not given any indication they have noticed.  Perhaps they can’t see the things I can.  For the most part the appearances have been subtle.  I have noticed a spirit walking around carrying what seems to be a lantern.  I believe it to be female and she is dressed in period clothing from the early nineteen hundreds.

Now don’t  let this revelation bother you too much.  I often see things humans can’t.  I believe it is part of the powers in my glowing green eyes.   Nothing I have ever seen has bothered the living or tried to harm them in any way.  This land was settled long ago and its history is extensive.  Certainly there are ghosts which can not rest until they find what they are searching for,  or undo a wrong or injustice from the past.

In the early morning hours of New Years Day this year, just after midnight; security cameras caught a black cat by the name of Darby staring in the southern kitchen window.  When he discovered he was being caught on camera, be hissed and bolted out of camera view.  Here are clips I downloaded from the security camera DVR player.
Cat Glowing AcrNow I generally don’t care for black cats.  Speaking from past encounters I have found most to have abrasive personalities and are arrogant and self-serving.  They don’t come when they are called, and they sneak around like little spies.  Why NASA would ever consider one for a space program is beyond me but that is a story for another time.

Why Darby was snooping around the main house remains a mystery at this writing.  I know however,  I don’t like it!  It’s like he is a little peeping Tom.  What if the humans weren’t dressed?  And what would have happened if there wasn’t a security system?

Rest assured I’m going to find out.  Apparently Darby has some eye powers himself.  And cats can see in the dark naturally.  If he keeps messing around I’ll be forced to run him off.  What goes on in the main house stays in the main house.

That’s all for now.  Have a Happy New Year!  And don’t worry, I’m on it and I’ll report more as I uncover more.  I have developed many techniques for finding out information over the years.


Copyright 2015
Mark E. Schrull
All rights reserved.



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