The Chronicles of Brutis

by Mark E. Schrull

Chapter I

Brutis Reading CRYou probably think you are reading the thoughts of your blogger right now but I assure you it’s not true.  I am Brutis.  I am a dog.  I am in charge. Mark is simply the typist in the unbelievable tale I about to relate.

Centuries ago I discovered two things about myself.  Firstly, I age very, very slowly;  not like humans.  (But let me get back to that.)  Secondly, I have powers which some have called supernatural.  To me they come very natural.  I feel quite at home invoking them for the greater good.  There are those, however; who would disagree.

Abby Spider1Lets say for instance I see a huge black spider crawling across the floor of the family room – heading straight for the leg of a child. I’m gonna zap him! I’m gonna use my powers to blast him into kingdom come.  Who wouldn’t? To me it’s completely natural. And it would be natural to you too. That is unless you’re some insect hugging protectionist spouting off about how disintegrating a spider is inhuman.  If that’s the case you got to remember one thing…  I’m not human! spots spider 1crI’m not gonna stand by and let a spider bite a child.  In fact, I’m not gonna stand by and watch a spider do much of anything. I hate those little blood suckers. Here’s a short film on YouTube of me doing just that: Brutis kills a Spider .  If your squeamish skip the video.

Now I realize there may be a lot of skeptics out there.  After all, how often do you see a story written by a dog, right?  But I do have stories to tell and pictures to show – some of times long past.  Events witnessed from a dogs eye view may have historical significance.

I am sure by now your wondering what other powers I possess.  Can I do anything else besides fry a spider with beams from my eyes?  Can I fly?  Do I have x-ray vision?  The answer to this is no.  After all, I’m not Superman.  However I did I learn ages ago I could place certain images in the minds of certain humans.  With a little practice I can use those images to my advantage.

Lets say for instance a human is sitting down to enjoy a hot bowl of soup and I have a need for them to think of me.  Perhaps I want to go outside.  Or maybe I don’t particularly care for the dinner conversation which is taking place.  I would simply place my image into whatever the human is looking at.
Here’s an example.
Brutis in spoon 1cr
See?  Suddenly the soup hungry human looks around to see where I am or what I am up to and he or she doesn’t even know why.  Pretty impressive, aye? From that point on I can do the usual dog gimmicks like paw at the door, push my bowl around, or anything.  If I need something more complicated I will simply place some corresponding image in their mind again.

Anyway, I think that is enough for the moment.  I realize it’s a lot to digest.  I will return with more tales from my chronicles.  Chapter II will be coming soon.  Until then, be safe, be kind to animals…
Especially dogs.

Copyright 2014
Mark E. Schrull
All rights reserved.




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