Photos of the Haunted Ohio State Reformatory

by Mark E. Schrull

10/28/14 Mansfield – Definitely haunted, the following photographs were taken by me while touring the prison with my wife and grandchildren this Ohio State Reformatory 2crpast summer.  I captured floating orbs which suddenly appeared and then just as quickly disappeared.  As if the Mansfield prison isn’t scary enough with its rusted bars and abandoned cell blocks, we also experienced movements out of the corner of our eyes, slamming doors, and unexplained voices.  None of the following photographs have been altered or edited in any way except rotated and adjusted for size.

Ohio State Reformatory 8crOur tour began through the old living quarters of the warden and the administration offices.  I found these sections  a bit boring but soon enough the tour goes into the prison where the inmates were housed.  Built in 1896, the 6 tiered East cell block is the largest known structure of its kind.

The cells are very small and a cat walk with steel flooring travels the length of the building on each level.  Everything is old and decaying which Ohio State Reformatory 11crcreates a creepy atmosphere.  I can only imagine what life must have been like for the poor souls who lived their lives out in these cells.  Most cells are open and you can enter them if you like.  The bars still move on rollers.

Ohio State Reformatory 5crSome of the cells were still made up as if currently being used.  Perhaps they are left over props from a movie or a music video filmed at the prison.

Very few areas were off limits.  As we entered the old infirmary, a metal door slammed shut within the area.  Upon inspection we couldn’t find any reason or explanation of how or why the door closed.  It really scared the heck out of us as we weren’t expecting it.

Ohio State Reformatory 6cr
Some  of the hallways throughout the prison are dark and a feeling of uneasiness comes as you enter.  In this hallway the temperature was definitely several degrees cooler then the previous.


Ohio State Reformatory 12cr


In the shower area I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand on end and I could swear I heard water running.  I also heard a man’s voice laughing.



Ohio State Reformatory 1cr Notice in this picture of the outside of the prison.  There are towers where armed guards watched over the grounds.  These towers had a base on the ground floor which you can enter and look upward.

Here is where I captured the first of several orbs with my camera.  In the first shot, there are no orbs.  But in the second photograph orbs suddenly appear.  In the third photograph there were even more orbs.  Keep in mind these are all taken in succession with the same camera, the same flash, and the same lens with out adjustment.

Ohio State Reformatory 13cr


Ohio State Reformatory 14cr

Ohio State Reformatory 15cr
The second area I caught orbs with my camera was in the Solitary confinement section of the prison.
Ohio State Reformatory 16cr


This shot below is even more profound as the orbs are more defined and have color throughout.  They lend depth to the shot as well.  Remember, you can click on any photo in this article to enlarge and inspect.
Ohio State Reformatory 17cr

It was a great experience and a great time.  We were all fascinated and enjoyed ourselves very much.  If you visit or pass through the Mansfield, Ohio area in the future, be sure to check out the Ohio State Reformatory Museum.

The prison address is 100 Reformatory Road, Mansfield, Ohio 44905.  It is located just north of Interstate 30, off of State Route 545.  During the summer the prison is open for self guided tours which is what we took while our grandchildren were visiting.  At the end of summer, the prison closes and During the Halloween season, the prison becomes one of Ohio’s most famous and scary haunted houses this year titled Haunted Prison Experience II.
Apparently it is too scary for those under 13 and they are not allowed without exception.



4 responses to “Photos of the Haunted Ohio State Reformatory

  1. Oh, my — what we do to our fellow humans in the name of safety. The orbs are fascinating — wonder what causes them. That you had extrasensory perceptions while there is no wonder however, with all the sad energy still alive in the structure.


    • Yes Lindey, Those orbs were fascinating. And the those photos of that tour are UN-touched in any way. I was amazed taking 3 pictures in a row looking up the turrets, taking pictures, the orbs would increase in frequency. I was also amazed of the orbs in solitary containment. They are actually 3 denominational and in different colors. Remember you can click on any image to enlarge and inspect. Thank you so much for visiting my blog.


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