Mother Earth

Mother Earth 1cr

Mother Earth
by Mark E. Schrull

Mother Earth, oh Mother Earth,
You hold my family well.
I laid them in your sweet, sweet dirt,
And bid them all farewell.

So glad they cannot see the strife,
And damage man has caused.
To you and cousin air we breath,
Breaking nature’s laws.

Can you forgive my fellow man?
Look past their greed and sins?
Against your gentle growing ways,
And harm they caused your kin.

Water, life of all the world,
We drink and bath in thee.
Without you life cannot sustain,
Spills make you so oily.

Quiet forests green and lush,
Cut down by blades of greed.
Made in mills releasing gas,
Causing deaths of seed.

Smog pollutes the air I breathe,
And noise doth hurt my ears.
Green house gas melts polar caps,
Does rain become your tears?

Mother Earth, oh Mother Earth,
Do you weep and cry?
Will your dirt still smell so sweet,
When I lie down and die?

(Originally published by assignment on  April 20th, 2012)
For Earth Day 2012

Copyright 2012 – 2014
Mark E. Schrull
All rights reserved.


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